JAJA FILM is a service company dedicated to develop audiovisual activities. JAJA FILM has currently a production structure in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

JAJA's expertise focuses on:

  • Advertising Shoots, Documentaries, Music Videos and Feature Films
  • Photoshooting Support
  • Research of Locations
  • International Casting
  • Technical Equipment Rental
  • Special Transportation Rental
  • Organization of Events



Roberta Brambilla La Viola was born in Milan in 1964. After studies related to the history of cinema and art, and after a short but exciting experience as a director of short films, in 1996 she started working in one of the most important production company in Milan, Mercurio Production. Over the next 12 years she worked as a line producer with Mercurio and she followed more than 130 productions shooting worldwide. In 2008 she decided to move to Barcelona and for the first two years she worked as a producer freelance for a lot of Italian and foreign production companies. Then she was ready to open her own service production company.

JAJA FILM always guarantee the best results at the lowest cost by four concepts

  • flexibility of structure, with production offices in different countries
  • the best professionals in the market
  • suppliers and reliable experts
  • tenacity, strength, enthusiasm and resources to reach the achievement of any goal

In-home Filmmakers, Producers, Production Managers, Art Directors, and Location and Casting Managers with years of experience in the audiovisual market, guarantee the performance of a high-quality production in every country where Jaja Film is present.

The quality and quantity are our premises, producing a select number of special events annually. Each client receives full attention and complete full-time.


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